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Hair Loss Solutions

There are several reasons that cause hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that often can not be treated with just a miracle shampoo or vitamins. It is very important to determine the cause of your hair loss to find the effective treatment or procedure. This condition cannot be treated in the same manner. Some conditions can be treated with procedures and others have to be treated by a physician. A computarized scalp analysis can guide us to select the appropriate procedure or treatment to solve your hair loss condition. After many years of research and studies Apollo has created exclusives and patented procedures that help fight hair loss with positive results.

See our treatment options below.

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Megaderm Scalp Treatment

Usually people pay more attention to the hair and not to the scalp. This procedure is used to stimulate the scalp healthy hair growth. It can also is effective to prevent hair loss. Waxy sebum build up, along with crystallized sebum deposits will bring about choking of the hair follicle. Poor blood circulation and improper amounts of proteins and amino acids, contribute to layers of sebum deposits entrapping any regrowth, causing it to lay down, eventually being covered and left to die.

This condition allows very little, if any topical treatment products to deliver their full benefits and with some products only adding to the condition. This scalp cleansing treatment will immediately remove crystallized sebum deposits and debris from the scalp. This procedure offers great benefits and is recommended every three months. It is also highly recommended for hair loss prevention and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Megaderm Hair Loss Treatment

For better results is recommended to be combined with the Megaderm Scalp Treatment (optional). The procedure is basic and consist of a use of several products selected by a specialist from Apollo. Each product has a different function in the treatment and it is important to follow the instructions and very precise to obtain results.

Laser Hair Therapy

FDA approved. One of the most common causes of hair loss is poor blood circulation in the scalp. This technology has been used to increase the blood flow and stimulate the metabolism in the scalp. This procedure has no side effects and offer positive results for many hair loss causes.

Mega Laser Derm Treatment

This procedure is very complete and very effective fighting hair loss. It consists of a combination of all above procedures. Mega Scalp Treatment, Megaderm Home Treatment and Laser Hair Therapy. If the instructions are followed as indicated the person will get amazing results to the hair loss conditions.

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