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Hair Systems

You do not have to live wearing a wig or a hair piece to cover your baldness. Our Hair Systems method is the only procedure that guarantee you hair. This procedure has evolved over the years offering better look, better appearance, comfort and confidence.

  A hair system is the best and the safest option no matter your lifestyle, social, sports, dance, swimming, etc... Remember we serve other Hair Systems.

Benefits offered by a Hair Systems from Apollo
1. We give you the option to select a Personalized or Stock System.
2. Is a method without surgery or pain.
3. Our systems are guaranteed.
4. We will help you in the care and maintenance of the system.

Personalized Hair Systems from Apollo

These systems are ordered with the required specifications. Recession- Size- Color- length- density- etc...These systems offers you a wide variety of options to select.

Benefits of a Personalized Hair Systems
1. Offers a natural look.
2. The recession, length, density, color, etc... can be ordered to meet your requirements.
3. No extra charge for cutting.
4. Looks and feel natural.

Apollo Stock Units

The procedure is similar to the personalized hair systems. The difference between Stocks and Personalized are:
1. Guarantee very limited.
2. Are not customized.
3. The recession, length, and density are standard.
4. The base is a standard size.

Benefits of Stock Units
1. The cost is less comparing a Customized hair system.
2. The delivery takes from 1 to 3 days.
3. Base can be cut to meet your requirements.
4. No extra charge for cutting when you decide our stocks units.
5. Feels and looks natural.