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Fewer women suffer from hair loss than men, but if you have thinning hair that's not much consolation. For centuries, women with hair loss simply put on a wig and that was socially acceptable. Today, however, a wig isn't appropriate for women with active lifestyles. Besides, a wig just doesn't have the natural look that so many women are looking for.

Leave it to Apollo to create the best possible solution for women's hair loss.

When we designed the Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction procedure, we knew that women were looking for the same kind of natural, easy to maintain hair restoration that men can now enjoy.

There are differences though, and Apollo can cater to the needs of the women with thinning hair. Do not let Androgenic Alopecia (female baldness) control your life any longer. Consider a hair restoration from Apollo Hair for women.


 "Four years ago, I started losing my hair, And I was devastated! I was very uncomfortable with my hair, but now that I'm with Apollo I'm so happy. I love what Apollo has done for me, it's totally changed my life. My hair feels so natural. It's everything I wanted and more.
Thank you so much, Apollo"
- Sandy

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